Our Secret To Unearthing Amazon's Best Hidden Fashion Gems

It's tough to keep a good secret for long. At least, that seems to be the motto the anonymous face(s) behind the Instagram account @fashionsecrets93 (formerly @amazonfashionsecrets) abides by. The account shares a running catalog of fashion-focused picks that surprisingly exist within the wide, and often confusing, world of Amazon.
Chronicling finds of popular and off the beaten track trends — including dad sneakers, cherry earrings, and basket bags — and a selection of products that cross into knock-off territory (Baelngiaca sneakers, anyone?), whoever's running the account is clearly in tune with the wave of kitsch-adoring fashion fans. But having amassed over 9K followers on Instagram since its inception this past winter, it's clear their hard work at exposing Amazon's secret mecca of trends isn't going unnoticed.
But what makes a seemingly random assortment of Amazon items so enticing to strangers? We’d wager that, more than anything, it’s the dirt cheap price these items are listed for. (Ex: featured swimsuits are in the $17 price range.) Plus, anyone who’s ever attempted to sift through Amazon for anything beyond bundles of underwear can attest to the lack of “fashion-forward” items available on the site, so a curated selection of goods where someone else has put in the legwork is pretty damn enticing.
Be warned: Navigating the Instagram account's method for providing the direct Amazon links can be slightly confusing. But heading over to this linked blog (which is full of even more finds) and clicking on the product images will lead you to a hidden "#ITSASECRET" hyperlink that will get you there. And for those who don't have the time to navigate through that headache, they've compiled all of their picks into neat little wish lists over at their personal Amazon account. (So if you want to give the brains behind the Instagram a little 'thank you,' we're sure churning out some affiliate money for them is enough of a return.)
Ahead, check out our personal favorite posts from @fashionsecrets93.

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