January Jones Was Denied Her Dream Birthday At Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurant

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January Jones is a person who, objectively, has many things going for her. The actress starred in Mad Men, kissed Jon Hamm many times on screen while on the show, and, of course, maintains one of the most highly-regarded comedy Instagram accounts of all time.
The one thing Jones doesn't have? The ability to get a table at Lisa Vanderpump's iconic restaurant, Pump — which, of course, serves as a backdrop for her equally iconic reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules.
In a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jones — who now stars in The Last Man On Earth but is on record as an ardent reality TV stan — revealed that for her 40th birthday earlier this year, she wanted nothing more than to have a party at Pump.
But Jones' dreams were dashed when, apparently, she tried to place a reservation and not a single Pump employee bothered to get back to her.
"One time I called, I got a girl and she's like: 'We'll call you back.' Nothing. I called back again, no response,'" Jones said.
The actress even texted Andy Cohen, the mastermind behind the Real Housewives franchise (which is where Lisa Vanderpump got her reality TV start), to try and get her reservation set up — all to no avail.
But, in true reality TV style, Jones made sure to have her revenge.
"Around New Year's, I was going out to dinner and I said: 'You know what, I'm going into Pump,'" she said. "I walked in there and I was like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I was like: 'Tried to call ya. Guess what: I'm not having my birthday party here. Big mistake. Big. Huge.'"
That got the reaction she wanted, but by that point, it was too late.
"They were like, 'What? I'm so sorry. OMG. We can arrange it.' I said: 'Too late. Already having it at a different venue.' So I was like peeved at them," Jones said.
Of course, anyone who watches Vanderpump Rules may suspect that this is less a case of Jones being snubbed than it is a case of the people who work at Pump being more concerned with appearing on reality television than they are with actually doing their jobs.
Either way, stay tuned to see how Vanderpump decides to make amends with Jones. If she needs any suggestions on how to do so, we know we'd love to see a Vanderpump Rules cameo added to Jones' resume.
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