This Is What The Vanderpump Rules Cast Looked Like Before They Were Famous

Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Garcia/Paul Drinkwater/Bravo.
It can sometimes be disorienting to look back at old photos of myself and know that person had no idea what was in their future. It's the same feeling I get when I take a look at these early pictures and video clips of Vanderpump Rules cast members. Five, ten years ago, almost all of them were actors at the very beginning of their careers, getting started in Hollywood and never dreaming that their parties, fights, and pasta would end up on TV — at least, not like this. Before Real Housewives' Lisa Vanderpump took this cast of characters under her wing, they were making appearances in movies, TV shows, and even early web series in hopes that it would be the thing to rocket them to stardom.
Now, of course, they're recognizable in a different way. While we may not be awarding them Oscars any time soon, their antics have prompted spinoffs, weddings, and lots of thinkpieces. What else did we expect from a group of actors together in one room, let alone a restaurant? It's messy, loud, and confusing — and that's why we can't stop watching.
But let's not dwell on the crazy stuff (they do enough of that on the show). As season 6 of the Bravo show comes closer to its end, this is an opportunity to look back on simpler times, when the Black Eyed Peas were still making hits, when leggings as pants were a controversial topic, when Stassi Schroeder had black hair! Ahead is a roundup of what the cast of Vanderpump Rules looked like before they were famous.
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Scheana Marie

In 2009, Marie appeared on an episode of Jonas as a pizza delivery girl and the object of all three boys' affection.
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Stassi Schroeder

In 2005, before she was blonde, Schroeder began her reality TV career by accompanying her family on season 8 of The Amazing Race. They were eliminated in episode 4.
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Kristen Doute

In 2011, Doute was playing Katie Richter in the horror film Behind Your Eyes.
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Lala Kent

One of Kent's earliest credits was in 2010 as the object of Shaun Barrowes' affection in the music video for "I'll Always Be Young."
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Jax Taylor

If you look closely, you can catch Taylor as "Hot Guy 2 in Dance Club" in season 5, episode 19 of Desperate Housewives.
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Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump had a decent acting career ahead of her pivot to reality television. One of her early roles was Samantha in the 1983 film ABC Mantrap.
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Tom Sandoval

Sandoval also appeared in the 2011 film, Behind Your Eyes, as Steven Carlyle.
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Katie Maloney

Maloney's career started online as Sara Ford in 2009: A True Story.
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Tom Schwartz

You can catch a younger Schwartz in the 2013 documentary, 2 Miles In 20 Minutes.
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Brittany Cartwright

Before the show, Cartwright juggled acting and modeling with her job at Hooters.
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James Kennedy

Before Vanderpump, Kennedy was solely a DJ, and from the looks of this photo, was exactly the same.
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Ariana Madix

Madix was a CollegeHumor staple, appearing in a number of sketches since 2009.
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Billie Lee

Although Lee only joined Vanderpump in 2017, she has been a vocal transgender activist for years.

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