Mad Men Fans Will Appreciate How Perfect This Don & Betty Reunion Is

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
Mad Men ended nearly 18 months ago, and Don and Betty Draper's marriage ended long before that. But on Sunday night's premiere of The Last Man on Earth, viewers got a pleasant surprise during a particularly dramatic scene. January Jones, who played Betty Draper on Mad Men, stars on the Fox comedy as Melissa. And last night, Jones' former on-screen husband Jon Hamm joined the actress in a surprise cameo. We won't spoil what happens, but we will say it might remind you of that time Betty guns down some pesky birds on her front lawn. You'd probably think that an onscreen reunion as perfect as this was very intentional, but Will Forte — the writer, creator, and star of the apocalyptic comedy — insists that's not the case. “There was no Mad Men tie-in that we were ever planning,” Forte told TVLine. “Frankly, I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me.” Yeah, neither can we! Jones, of course, understood the brilliant significance of the scene from the start. “I thought it was ingenious given our history together," she told TVLine of when she first heard the idea. "I thought the fans would get a kick out of it. Thinking back to some of the stuff he did to Betty, maybe they’d see it as a little redemption.” Don does cheat on Betty...a lot. Watch the clip yourself to see it Betty gets the justice she deserves.

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