Did Nick Viall Ask January Jones On A Date?

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According to January Jones, Nick Viall once made an awkward and very Hollywood overture in her direction. The actress explained on The Late Late Show with James Corden that he once asked if she would appear on Lip Sync Battle with him.
"He asked me to battle with him on Lip Sync Battle," she said. She explained that he got in touch with her publicist or, in her words, her "buffer."
"So, like, is that his way of asking me out?" Jones added. "Or does he have a problem with me?" She turned down the invitation and Viall's publicist did not reach out again.
Jones is a card-carrying member of the Bachelor fan club, so she's familiar with Viall's history. Viall, 37, appeared on The Bachelorette twice and The Bachelor once. Oh, and he enjoyed a season of Bachelor in Paradise. On The Bachelor, he met Vanessa Grimaldi, to whom he got engaged. They ended their engagement almost six months later, and Viall is now pursuing an acting career. (That is to say, he will appear in the second season of Speechless. He will play "a hunky B-movie actor who takes his craft way too seriously.")
His place in Bachelor Nation seems to be cemented: He's The Bachelor's biggest failure. But Jones doesn't know how to feel about him.
"You don't know if you like him, or if he's a scumbag, and I think that's why I'm attracted to him maybe?" she told host James Corden. Later, when Emmy Rossum recounted seeing Viall at a coffee shop, Jones warmed to Viall. She was conflicted: "But then he just goes and drinks coffee like he's cute and normal...like I'm so mixed!"
It sounds as if Viall might have a chance with Jones, actually — just maybe not on Lip Sync Battle. (Jones implied that she didn't go on the show because she did not want to be embarrassed. It occurs to me that embarrassing celebrities the express purpose of that show in the first place.)
Watch the full clip of Jones on The Late Late Show, below.
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