January Jones' Insta Hashtags Are Comedic Gold

Photo: Courtesy of @januaryjones.
A life without January Jones' Instagram hashtags is a life we don't want anything to do with. Imagine the consequences if we had missed her important cautionary tales (#safetyfirstwhenlickinganddriving) or couldn't heed her sage words of wisdom (#alwaysposebyatoiletifyouarefeelingsassy). We're talking serious repercussions here, folks.
If you haven't been privy to the comedic gold that is Jones' Instagram feed, let us introduce you. On-screen, the Mad Men star isn't exactly known for her ability to draw laughs. But, her Insta shows a whole other side to the actress — and, it's downright hilarious. To prove our point, we've collected eight of her best hashtags ever.
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"Tbt to when my lil sis and I did coordinated poses on strawberry shortcake sheets. #ifeelmyadndrogynouschildhoodslipping
fartherandfartheraway #justkiddingimplanningasynchronized
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"This is my Dad trying to comfort me on the boat. I believe he told me to 'suck it up'! #alwayswearavisorwhenyourenauseous"
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"#Tbt to when I got all hussied up to attend a New Kids on the Block concert 7mos preggers. #propertyofJoey #alwaysposebyatoiletifyouarefeelingsassy"
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"My new @officialrodarte kicks are taking me out on the town, better watch out! #fuschiamakesmesayanddothingsgreydoesnt"
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"Ain't gettin anywhere lickedy split in this town. #calmdownimataredlight #safetyfirstwhenlickinganddriving"
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"Help @oceana and me #savedusky and other sharks! #morepeoplearekilledbyvendingmachines
thansharkseachyear #thatsafunnyvisual"
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"Another shot by #vincentpeters for @vogueitalia. @rachel_goodwin @renatocampora #bigasshairequalsbigassbrainright"
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Photo: via @januaryjones.
"Heeeeeey...it's me here, just posing in front of my Mom's romance novel collection.. #shealsomadethosebustswhichiassumeare
charactersfromoneofthebooks #tbt"

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