30 Pajamas That Will Make You Want To Cancel All Your Plans

Need an excuse to cancel your weekend plans? Look no further. Most of us look at scheduled dinner dates in the same way we look at an overly-full inbox or a really long line at Trader Joe's - daunting. While we're not encouraging you to give up all socializing in favor of a hermit lifestyle, cancelling a plan here or there is just another form of self-care, especially if you have the perfect set of pjs calling your name. (For those who steer more towards the sweats and a t-shirt combo, don't knock it 'til you try it.)
Whether you're more of a Netflix binger or a bookworm, a silky, luxury-feeling (but, not always luxury-priced) pair of pajamas can make even the most exciting weekend plans seem less satisfying than lounging around with a remote or a good book. And when you are ready to head out into the world, master the whole wake-up-and-go concept by styling your pjs to wear outside the house. Tuck in that silk button-front shirt into a pair of vintage denim or match those wide-leg, trouser-like pajamas pants with a little white top. Pajamas at brunch? What could be better than that? To further prove our support, we went ahead and rounded up 30 pairs of next-level pajamas. Cozy up.
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