The All-Time Best Brunch Spots in L.A.

Photo: Courtesy of Jesse Carmody/ Superba Food + Bread.
There's simply nothing better than a lazy weekend afternoon with pals, clinking mimosas, noshing on all the bacon and eggs you can get your hands on, and making the most of those precious days off work. That said, in a city filled with very particular people, everyone seems to have their own list of personal wants when it comes to brunch.
So, where's the best spot for the vegan? Or, what about for the best bottomless boozy brunch? And, how about your farm-fresh-fanatic friends — where should you take them? Ahead, we've rounded up L.A.'s all-time best spots for each and every brunch-related need. There isn't a mediocre option in the bunch, so rest assured you'll leave feeling fully satisfied. Post-brunch naps highly encouraged.