10 Of The Most Photographed Spots In Los Angeles

If ever there was a city that deserved to be photographed, it's Los Angeles. An unholy mix of grit and glamour, it's both a dream and a dream deferred. But it's these contradictions — along with its relentless natural beauty — that make L.A. so eminently 'grammable. And that's true whether you've been here for one day or your whole life.

This is why we rounded up some of the city's most whimsical and photo-ready spots. Many are featured in the new movie La La Land, a visually epic love letter to Los Angeles. From where to take the skyline shot you came for to the restaurant with the most Instagram-ready food, ahead is your guide to the most photographable places in L.A.
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For the quote-on-a-wall shot: Alfred Tea Room
Even if you don't love matcha, this pink paradise is worth a stop. Besides the fact that it serves up bomb baked goods (yes, including matcha croissants), everything in this cafe is ultra curated. Between its printed cups and cutesy neon signs, it's pretty much Instagram heaven.
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For the blogger-approved interior shot: The Now Massage
Proving ambiance is everything, this spa's cozy-AF decor will make you never want to leave (consider yourself warned). Pop in (no, seriously, walk-ins are encouraged) for a photo of the blogger-approved design scheme and a reasonably priced energy-balancing massage.
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For the Hollywood-sign shot: Runyon Canyon
The workout is only one reason to hit up this expansive hiking trail. The social scene is poppin', the outdoor fitness classes (many of which are free) are plentiful, and the views are phenomenal. Oh, and you might just run into a celebrity in a baseball cap and oversized sunglasses walking their dog. Happens all the time.
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For the nail-art shot: Olive & June Nail Salon
File this under "Not Your Average Nail Salon." We're not sure if it's the cute and quaint decor, extensive polish collection, or the fact that it doesn't smell of nail-salon chemicals, but this is where we want to get every mani-pedi from now on. The flower arrangements adorning the walls will complete your #nailart shot.
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For the food 'gram: Sugarfish
This is one place that lives up to the hype — and there's been a lot of hype. The famous takeout bento box might be prime Instagram material, but dining in the restaurant is key to getting the full experience. Order the salmon sashimi, and start snapping to rake in the Likes.
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For the cocktail-with-a-view shot: Mama Shelter Rooftop
Now, what would an L.A. visit be without a rooftop bar at a boutique hotel? Mama Shelter fits the bill: vast views of the city (and Hollywood sign), colorful decor complete with throw pillows and lounge chairs, and Instagrammable food. The rooftop restaurant just opened earlier this year, so you know it's on point.
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For the beach sunset pic: Hermosa Beach Pier
Come here for a true California experience. The pier is picturesque, with plenty of food, arcade games, and views (the promenade stretches impressively far into the ocean), while the beach itself has bars, sand volleyball, and other pickup games. In other words, it's perfect.
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For the live-music shot: El Rey Theatre
Besides hosting some of the best musical acts in the world, the venue offers impressive decor. Picture an Art Deco motif that gives serious old-Hollywood vibes.
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For the aerial acai shot: Backyard Bowls
For quintessential clean eating, look no further than Backyard Bowls. You can find everything from acai bowls to smoothies to hot cereal — made largely with local ingredients — for those brunch-tastic aerial shots.
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For the city skyline pic: Griffith Park
One of the largest city parks in California, Griffith Park has its share of rugged hiking trails, golf courses, and picnic grounds, but the real attraction is its observatory. There, you can find one of the best lookout spots in the city, with sweeping views of the Hollywood horizon and surrounding terrain. It's the ultimate L.A. skyline shot.
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Critically acclaimed La La Land is now playing.
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