January Jones's New Haircut Looks Eerily Familiar

Even if you don’t buy into the “stars: they’re just like us!” mentality, there’s no escaping the fact that every once in a while, a celebrity will do or say something that catches you off guard for a short moment. And it's usually something that makes you stop and say, “Literally me.”

Inspo pics for my chop chop today 😁

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It’s a déjà vu of sorts; the vague, can’t-put-your-finger on it sensation of familiarity — like when January Jones shared an Instagram last night of Jane Birkin and Debbie Harry side by side, citing the icons as “inspo pics” for her “chop chop.” “Who does this remind me of?” we wondered. “Oh, yeah. It’s us.” (If you’ve never brought a picture of Jane Birkin to a haircut before, then you’ve probably never had a haircut.)
January emerged from her chop-chop, at the hands of celebrity stylist Bridget Brager, with what is essentially the perfect fresh ‘do. It’s also not one that most people think they can pull off: a piecey, tousled shag, with long, choppy bangs that are Birkin-inspired to a T and has slight androgynous hints of Mick Jagger. It’s effortlessly cool, plain and simple, and a big departure from the Last Man on Earth actress’s usual polished styles. It’s not exactly something Betty Draper would be caught dead in, if you catch our drift — and that’s a good thing.

🤠thanks for the shag @bridgetbragerhair 😘

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With just a few snips, January has successfully nailed the lazy-chic vibe that many of us dream of every time we bring that same photo (you know the one) with us to the salon chair. Maybe next time, we’ll be asking for the January instead of the Jane.

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