Tristan Thompson's First Post Since The Cheating Scandal Is Pissing People Off


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Almost two weeks after a video of him allegedly kissing another woman made the rounds, Tristan Thompson has reemerged with a single celebratory Instagram post. In the post, Thompson celebrates a Cavs win from Sunday night.
"WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE IN THE Q!! GREAT WIN!" he writes in the caption. The photo is just a picture of himself on the court, looking triumphant. Good for you, Tristan Thompson. Seemingly oblivious that he's the foci of a very important pop culture subgenre, Thompson is not getting a warm welcome for this post. Drake somehow got himself embroiled in the drama after leaving a comment about the Cavs' next game in Toronto. Kardashian fans promptly told the Canadian rapper to call out Thompson on his cheating or slide out of the comments.
As of April 2018, Thompson became the unofficial villain of the Kardashianverse (like the Marvel universe, but with fewer characters). He's the subject of think pieces, diatribes, and intense social media investigations. This has all been made worse by the fact that his maybe-still-girlfriend Khloé Kardashian recently gave birth to their child, a girl named True. He is not very well-favored, and, erm, his fans aren't interested in what his basketball career is looking like.
"Two-Kid-Tristan, will now be best known for known for TRIFLING while he’s traveling," one basketball-savvy commenter remarked. Thompson also has a child with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, whom he allegedly left for Kardashian when Craig was still pregnant. (Craig has declared public support of Kardashian amid the fracas, so leave Craig out of it.)
Though Kardashian herself has remained silent on the matter of Thompson, others have happily spoken up on her behalf. Her sister Kim told Ellen DeGeneres that "it is so fucked up."
"We really were rooting for Khloé and we still are and she is so strong and she is doing the best that she can," Kim added. "It is a really sad situation all over."
Khloe's fans have also gone to bat, trolling Thompson with all their might. At his first Cavs game following the split, one fan held a sign that read: "We [heart] Khloé."
How's that win feeling now, Tristan?

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