A Timeline Of The Weeknd & Timothée Chalamet's Friendship

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This past weekend, one of the most viral behind-the-scenes moments out of Coachella wasn't neither Kylie Jenner in one of her candy-colored wigs, nor was it Justin Bieber taking a selfie with the yodeling kid.
No, it was an iconic after-party shot posted by Nicki Minaj on night one of festivities, and it has us calling out two names in particular: The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) and Timothée Chalamet. (Side note: Do you think Minaj has seen Lady Bird?)
It's a particularly eye-catching moment (worth over a million likes) because it makes the viewer wonder: how the hell did Chalamet end up in this glorious moment, alongside French Montana and Shania Twain, looking like a freshman at a senior party? I can't be the only one wondering about the mystery of this friendship. Let's take a look back at the friendship between the two guys who just want to be called by their name.
The Weeknd and Chalamet likely met through Selena Gomez last September. Gomez and Chalamet were filming the-film-we-do-not-speak-of, and were snapped by paparazzi kissing in the rain for a scene. At the time, Gomez and The Weeknd were still together, and headlines even speculated that he was jealous over the photos. It appears that the contrary was true, considering it became the catalyst for my favorite new friendship.
A month later in November, Gomez hosted an Instagram Live on Chalamet's account (which has over 500K views on YouTube). In it, the two talk about their friendship, their movie, and Derek. It's clear they hang out a lot, and thus, he and The Weeknd definitely do, too.
Life goes on: The Weeknd and Gomez split. The movie Chalamet and Gomez were filming together gets indefinitely tabled, while Chalamet's two Oscar-nominated films, Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird, set him off on a whirlwind of press and A-list attention. Meanwhile, The Weeknd is working on a new album and feeling his feelings.
Then in March, Chalamet attends an Oscars after party with The Weeknd at TAO, where the ladies "flocked" to him. Chalamet, a budding rapper himself, also starts being name-dropped in songs, when The Weeknd drops his new single, "Call Out My Name" that is literally a lyrical version of the final scene of CMBYN.
By April, they're commenting inside jokes on each other's Instagrams, and attending Coachella together.
With May on the horizon, who knows what else this friendship will bring us. Will The Weeknd get into acting? Will Chalamet resurrect his alter-ego Timmy T for a collab? Only one thing is for sure: fans will be SCREAMING.
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