Kylie Jenner Isn't Like Other Moms At Coachella, She's A Cool Mom

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Listen up, everyone — Kylie Jenner isn’t a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.
Or, at least, this is what Jenner would like her closest 107 million friends on Instagram to believe, considering that she used the ubiquitous Mean Girls quote to caption a photo of herself at Coachella. (Stormi, her daughter, was not pictured.)
It is unclear what, exactly, Jenner was referring to as evidence that she is, in fact, a “cool mom.” Is it her bright pink wig (which could be another Mean Girls reference)? The tiny outline of a red heart that she (apparently) has as a tattoo on the back of her left arm? The mere fact that she is at Coachella?
Whatever the case may be, Jenner is, arguably, quite cool. (Many of her fans seemed to think so, anyway, posting comments like “YAAAASSS” and “wig snatched.”) But it could also be argued that “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” was not the most responsible of Instagram captions.

I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom

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Stormi does not appear to be at Coachella, which indicates that Jenner has been able to leave her with a team of responsible child care providers, allowing her to take a weekend off from parenting without any worries. This, obviously, is something that most 20-year-old moms in the world aren’t exactly able to do and, since many Jenner’s fans are young girls, it’s possible that this photo could give them an unrealistic idea of what parenting is really like.
Of course, few among us ever expected Kylie Jenner to portray a totally realistic, conventional approach to parenting. But if Jenner was looking to be a cool mom this weekend, it would have been exceptionally cool if she took the time to thank the legions of people who are probably taking care of her daughter this weekend.
In any case, Jenner, for her part, didn’t seem to want to make her Instagram feed totally focused around her cool mothering skills. In a slightly different photo, posted immediately after the first (a ballsy move to be sure, but Jenner isn’t exactly held to the same Instagram rules as the rest of us) she took care to name the exact product from her eponymous makeup line that she was wearing — which, if you are wondering, is Cotton Candy Kreme Kylighter.
So, in the end, what this proves is that Kylie Jenner may not be a regular mom — but as far as self-promo goes, she sure does take after her own.

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