We Should All Be Excited For Kylie Jenner To Rebrand As A Mommy Blogger

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
The best gift Kylie Jenner has ever given me is a twelve minute YouTube video about her pregnancy. Jenner thrives on YouTube — that's where "realizing things" was born, after all. Before Life Of Kylie and her pregnancy hiatus, the 20-year-old was pretty active on YouTube, posting makeup tutorials, cooking videos, and collaborations with her friends and sisters. Now, with this new video, she's gone back to her roots, but with a grown up twist that I hope is just the beginning of her mommy blogging career.
In a family as big and iconic as the Kardashians, each sister has worked hard to find their own niche. While Jenner has her Lip Kit and successful makeup line, Life Of Kylie is in hibernation, and at such a young age, we're still getting to know the girl behind the Instagrams.
The video, titled "To Our Daughter," wasn't just captivating because it answered the question we've been wondering for over four months, but because it was the most intimate we've ever been with the reality star. We see Jenner on her terms, not through the lense of a larger TV show, or blurry paparazzi shots from above. For the first time, I feel like I'm seeing something that is honestly and authentically Kylie.
That's the beauty of YouTube, and why many celebrities have been turning to the platform as another way to communicate with their fans. It means they can take back control over their narrative and communicate with fans themselves, rather than through carefully crafted PR statements and rumors that have spun out of control.
And clearly, it works. "To Our Daughter" already has 28 millions views, and is the number one trending video. Even veteran YouTubers are bowing down to her success.
I can only hope this is just the beginning of Jenner's rebranding as a 2018 mommy blogger. I want vlogs, I want baby tutorials, I want confessionals. I want her to lean into this YouTube success because she deserves it — and because I deserve a Calabasas vlog of Jenner and baby doing a collab with North West.
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