We Have So Many Questions About Kylie Jenner's Matzo Ball Soup

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As the saying goes, "you learn something new everyday," and yesterday was no exception. Thanks to a series of Instagram stories posted late last night, we learned that Kylie Jenner is a BIG fan of matzo balls. While that particular fact was made very clear, the 18 photos, videos, and boomerangs of her making matzo ball soup still left us puzzled about a few other things. Here are our most burning questions.
1. What kind of chicken bouillon is Kylie using?
We've never seen someone add bouillon to a dish so sensually. We'd like to harness some of that erotic energy and bring it into our own kitchens so we're going to need the name of her bouillon brand — or maybe we just need to copy her manicure.
2. Is Kylie cooking in a sports bra?
While showing off the shredded boiled chicken she's about to add to the chicken noodle/matzo ball soup, she (probably purposely) gives us a peek at her exposed stomach. Does this mean she was cooking in just a bra? If so, this is a trend we would like to catch on. If not, just know that we'll be rocking the relaxed look in our own kitchens regardless. It get's hot that close to an oven, so this is genius.
3. Did Kylie make the matzo balls from scratch?
The matzo ball-making process was not included in this otherwise step-by-step recipe. Leaving out such a key part makes it difficult for Cooking With Kylie to try out the recipe themselves. But, if we had to guess, she probably used a mix — perhaps from Manischewitz. Despite her love of cooking, we can't see Kylie Jenner working with schmaltz.4
4. It's June. Why is Kylie making soup at all?
No matter what kind of soup this is — matzo ball or chicken noodle — the idea of eating soup right now makes little sense. It's been an extremely hot week, and we're pretty sure we would burst into flames if we slurped down a single spoonful of that soup. Maybe she just has a bad cold. If that's the case, she made the right move.
5. Why did Kylie write the words "matzo ball soup" across her post-dinner selfie?
After she's finished making the soup and eating a bowl of it, her Instagram returns to its regularly scheduled programing of selfies. However, this clip, which slowly pans down her whole body, features the phrase "matzo ball soup." We need to know what's happening here.
6. Would you let Kylie Jenner teach you how to make matzo ball soup?
Though she really seems to have a deep love for the dish — she wrote on one video "If u don't like matzo balls I can't be friends with you !!!!!" — in an ideal world, we'd rather have someone's Bubbe teach us how to make this particular dish. What about you?

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