Kris Jenner's Friend Debunks Theory That Kris Jenner Planned Khloé-Tristan Drama

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images.
Fans rallied around Khloé Kardashian after reports stated that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson — who is also the father of her just-born child — had cheated on the reality star during her pregnancy. Some, however, saw the personal matter as a publicity stunt — one potentially orchestrated by Koko's famous momager, Kris Jenner.
While Jenner hasn't spoken out about the (ridiculous) accusation, one of her close friends is defending the mogul. Per Buzzfeed, Lisa Stanley spoke to KIIS 101.1 about how the Kardashians are dealing with the allegations against Thompson, and made it clear that Jenner did not orchestrate any of this drama.
"That is such horseshit, I mean come on," Stanley said of Jenner's alleged involvement. "She's not gonna plan something against her child who's not only been through hell and back with Lamar Odom, that cheating scumbag, but now she's dealing with this guy."
Say it louder for the people in the back, Stanley. Clearly — whether or not these Thompson videos truly mean what fans think that they do — the onslaught of rumors is a difficult situation for anyone who just had a baby to deal with it. For fans to assume that Jenner orchestrated something that would hurt her own daughter is pretty ludicrous.
That's not to say that Jenner isn't on top of this situation, Stanley told the outlet.
"They have a meeting, no matter where everyone is... They’re on a phone, whether it’s FaceTime or on phone. Kris leads the meeting and they do damage control and they decide how they’re going to handle it. In this case, it was obvious. Khloé is definitely not going to say anything."
Momager Jenner definitely has a handle on all the Kardashian drama — but that doesn't mean she's going to stir any up.

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