Kim Kardashian Rewrites The Most Scandalous Gossip Headlines About Her Fam

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XOXO, the Kardashians have their very own gossip girl; and, unlike the series, Kim Kardashian West doesn't feel the need to conceal her identity.
The reality star, entrepreneur, and mother of three recently sat down with Elle magazine to clarify some of the internet's most salacious headlines about her family. Basically, if anyone's going to gossip about her mom, siblings, or their spouses, it's going to be her and only her.
"Hey, I'm Kim Kardashian West, and I'm going to read headlines, and I'm going to rewrite them and tell you what really happened," she said.
One of the headlines read, "Kris Jenner Is Trying To Trademark The World 'Momager' For New Lifestyle Platform."
Kim's response? Uh, duh!
"Kris Jenner Has Trademarked The Word 'Momager' And That Was...A Decade Ago," she wrote as the new, more factually accurate headline.
Then, there were headlines she couldn't touch because she said she had never heard of the rumors before. For instance, she honestly couldn't tell you about Khloé's alleged malevolent plot to replace Kylie as the Queen of Lip Kits or about Kourtney's nipply time out with Justin Bieber.
Of course, she didn't take issue with everything that's been written about her family. In addition to saying that, yes, two-year-old Saint is a genius, Kardashian West confirmed that husband, Kanye, "absolutely" sends her fashion and lifestyle advice.
"Kanye sent me an email to not wear huge sunglasses anymore," she said with a smile. "What he does is, he'll just send me amazing mood boards and great references of smaller glasses and say, like, 'Oh my God, you have to have your team find these' and 'These look really cool, you should be wearing these.' So, he sends me inspirational emails, but he'll do it whether it's home decor or whether it's vacation spots."
So, how would she handle things differently if she were in the entertainment news business? She'd tell it like is.
"If I were an editor for a day, I think I'd just put out, like, real headlines," she said. "Like, 'Was That A Crib Being Delivered To Kylie's House? No, You Guys Are So Dumb. Does A Crib Look That Big?'"
What we'd give to see her behind the desk of a gossip site for just one day.

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