7 Women In Fitness Tell Us Who's Inspiring Them During Workouts

Not too long ago, the fitness world was a boys' club dominated by bodybuilding bros and pro athletes who weren't always welcoming of women. But the irony is that the fitness industry is basically run by women now. Think about it: The top boutique workout companies (like SoulCycle and ClassPass) were founded by women, and many well-respected trainers and fitness professionals just so happen to be women.
But even as we've carved out space in this realm, many of us still have to deal with sexist stereotypes when it comes to athleticism and earning potential (yes, the gender wage gap in sports and fitness is real). Women face a complicated double-standard when it comes to exercise, because being physically strong and outwardly muscular is often seen as unfeminine or unbecoming of a woman. Thankfully, there are plenty of fierce women who have dedicated their careers to challenging this stigma.
So, to celebrate women's achievements in fitness, we asked top influencers and experts in the industry to lift up other women (so to speak) by sharing who's inspiring them right now.

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