Exclusive Music Video Premiere For The Regrettes' "Come Through"

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Being a teenager is essentially living in a state of non-stop, ever-changing emotional turmoil. What's fine one day is devastating the next; however, that's not always how the lives of teenagers are portrayed in pop music.
For many of us, Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was a lot more representative of our high school years than Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." Luckily for young adults, and honestly anyone who enjoys quality music, up-and-coming rock band The Regrettes is pumping out honest, relatable hits that don't shy away from life-changing experiences, both good and bad. In fact, it's those very experiences that inspire lead singer Lydia Night, 17, when she sits down to write.
"I think most people my age are just constantly going through an emotional rollercoaster, so I just use that to influence my music," Night told Refinery29. "[I even draw inspiration from] what my friends are going through...I love writing a song from their perspectives. It's just always been a very therapeutic tool for me."
Of course, you don't have to be a teenager or young adult to get The Regrettes. The band — comprised of Night, Genessa Gariano (20, guitar), Sage Chavis (20, bass), and Maxx Morando (19) — just released it's dreamy, '70s-inspired music video for "Come Through," which is a song Night said is all about the sometimes messy power dynamics in relationships.
"It's really easy when you're in an insecure time in your life to let someone walk all over you," Night said. [This song is about] how you get used to that without even realizing it. This was about realizing that was happening in my life and kind of standing up for myself. It's really just about not being someone's bitch."
Throughout the video, Night dances between mid-century sets and croons about finding her self-worth. In the end, she decides not to let her jerk of a boyfriend hold her back and winds up breaking things off via a cake that reads, "Fuck you."
"Come Through" is an empowering anthem for women who are sick of being taken for granted, and the message has never been more relevant than now as so many are engaging with the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements.
For Night, the message extends beyond romantic relationships and into the professional world.
"Right now is the most empowering time period that I've ever felt I’ve been apart of," she said. "I'm really starting to see a change in support and support systems through the women I'm surrounded by. There's not as much of a competitive energy surrounding women in music. It's a lot more like, 'We need to stand together and create cool shit, and there's room for everyone' kind of energy going on. Thank god. It's about fucking time."
She's doing her fair share to ensure that women are represented, too. Most of the people on the crew for the "Come Through" music video were women, including esteemed director Claire Marie Vogel.
"All the key people that made this video so magical were women," she said. "It's just such a different energy on set. There's something about [having so many women around] that's so comforting and so comfortable. It's so easy to feel free, especially for a video like this. I've never danced in a video or done anything close to this, so being surrounded by a bunch of badass women all day makes it so much easier to be vulnerable and in that headspace."
She'll undoubtedly have many more opportunities to surround herself with inspiring women in the near future. This year, The Regrettes are set to perform at festivals across the country — including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Firefly, and the Governor's Ball — that will feature incredible artists like Beyoncé, Paramore, and SZA. But there's one artist Night anticipates watching (and hopefully meeting) most.
"I want to meet Cardi B," she said. "Literally, I've been scheming and plotting ways because we're playing Coachella with her, and that's like a two-weekend festival, so there's no excuse for me not to find some way...I love Cardi B so much. I think she’s a fucking badass."
Same, girl.
But, even if she doesn't get to meet the Queen of Bloody Shoes, Night knows her future is bright.
"I'm excited to be traveling, making music, putting out new music, playing for people in different places, hopefully exploring more of the world," she said. "I just fucking love my job, and I can’t wait to continue it."

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