Hollywood, Black Looks Good On You

Photo: Getty Images.
The 2018 Golden Globes are finally here, and beyond the inherent excitement of what are often described as the “craziest awards in Hollywood,” there has been another layer of expectation added. And not just because this is the first post-Weinstein event gathering the industry's biggest power players. On top of that, a few months ago it was announced that actresses would wear black as a way to protest the harassment, assault, and other acts from powerful men in Hollywood — acts that have, until now, been allowed to go unchecked for decades.
Recently, it was confirmed that fashion protest would be part of a bigger movement called Time’s Up. The initiative gathers the influence and attention of Hollywood’s female stars to help the working class women who are suffering from the pervasive inequality in whatever field they may work — be it farmers, hotel workers, or factory workers — and give them access to money, lawyers, and advice so that they too are able to rise up and fight for what’s right without fear of not being able to provide for their families.
So when you look through the slideshow ahead, you may notice the majority of women this evening have decided to wear black on the red carpet. But this is not a symbol of mourning. It is a symbol of protest — to join together as a united front that screams loudly to the world 'We are not going to stand for the inequality, for the injustices, for the “lesser-than” treatment. We will no longer be silent.' Time’s up for the patriarchy. Time’s up for the abuse. Yes, they will be wearing black, but they will still be as beautiful and glamorous as years before, because they are rising triumphantly into what will hopefully be a new era in Hollywood.

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