Kendall Jenner's Response To Rumors That She's Pregnant Is Priceless

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It started with an Instagram.
Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself in a bathroom stall, wearing a tight off-white dress covered in polka dots on December 29.
"Loner life," Jenner captioned it, including the alien emoji. And the comments poured in. We're not talking about the millions of requests for "lb" (like back) or "cb" (comment back).
No, we mean the slew of people who commented with variations of, "Are you pregnant?"
Even more annoying at the people who commented to dissect how the photo and/or dress accentuate her body and explaining how she might just have a body rather than be pregnant.
One person deflated the whole thread quite effectively:
"Why do a lot of you jump straight to the conclusion that she is pregnant? Honestly, that's kind of offensive. If she is pregnant that is her business and not your[s]. If she isn't, she is beautiful and amazing. Omg people. Can you even leave them alone? Be nice. You look beautiful Kenny," commented @tessa_pettigrew.

loner life ?

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One small correction: it's not kind of offensive. It is offensive. The amount of commentary that followed, dissecting her pose, the size of her belly and hips, and discussion of how people think she should look were all unnecessary. The excitement that another member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan just might be pregnant — because Khloé, (maybe/probably) Kylie, and Kim's surrogate aren't enough — is understandable.
Roughly a day later, Kendall weighed in. From her Twitter account, she explained both succinctly, with humor, and with an appropriate amount of exclamation marks.
There are endless tweets in response to this demanding that Kylie Jenner finally admits she is pregnant, but honestly, this one from the Bagel Nook is our favorite.
We love bagels, and we are ON IT. Um, have you heard about everything bagel doughnuts?
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