People Don't Know How To Feel About Everything Bagel Doughnuts

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Most of the time, when a restaurant introduces an inventive new food and people meet it with skepticism, we understand. We almost always hear out anyone who presents their reservations with eloquence and respect, and much of the time, we are able to see all sides. However, a doughnut shop in Virginia is making headlines because people are weirded out by its bagel doughnuts, and we do not see what the controversy is. Many folks on Twitter are hesitant to try the mash-up, but we are all in.
According to Mashable, the Virginia-based doughnut shop in question is fittingly called B. Doughnut. Recently, the shop hosted a pop-up in Washington D.C., and that's what has caused all the attention. The shop is know for it's Everything Bagel doughnuts, and according to its website, the treat comes in three varieties, chive, bacon, and lox. Each one is "hand-dipped in everything bagel seasoning and filled with whipped cream cheese infused with each of the different flavors.

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This writer has personally never been more sure that something will taste amazing but according to Twitter, that's not the opinion of most. Take a look at what people are saying:
When thinking about the best easy breakfast options available, both bagels and doughnut immediately come to mind. Whatever you chose just depends on whether you’re in the mood for something savory or something sweet. But, sometimes, it’s really hard to decide. Putting the two flavors together in one convenient treat just seems like a no brainer. And, when you consider all the kooky things bagels have been put through lately — looking at you unicorn, rainbow, galaxy, and Flaming Hot Cheeto bagels — this rendition seems pretty tame. Lucky for anyone who is feeling this mashup, B. Doughnut isn't the only shop that sells them.

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