The First Reviews Of 7-Eleven's New Makeup Line Are In — & They're Interesting

7-Eleven has traditionally been a haven for questionable late-night food choices, sweet deals on Mix n’ Match grill items, and an unbeatable selection of chips — not an emergency beauty resource for millennial women on-the-go. (Not in the U.S., at least — some of the store’s international outposts offer personal care must-haves such as sheet masks and gourmet candy, to be eaten while wearing the sheet mask, as you do.) But that all changed in late November, when the company announced that it would be launching a full line of color cosmetics, sold exclusively at 7-Eleven stores.
With prices ranging from $2.99 to $4.99, and a selection of 40 items encompassing everything from eyeshadow palettes and faux lashes to brushes and BB creams, Simply Me Beauty had the potential to make beauty a part of the convenience-store complex for the first time. But only time — and testimonials — would tell whether the store's makeup would be as good as its classic Coca-Cola Slurpee... or more along the lines of a subpar taquito that's still cold in the center.
Now, the verdict is in, with some of YouTube's best-known beauty gurus sharing the real scoop on Simply Me. To be fair, there are some surprise hits, like a decent mascara and lipstick — but based on their experiences, there are quite a few serious misses. For example: a limited shade range that's too dark for fair skin and too light for dark skin, an unsettlingly heavy setting powder, and a concealer that Tati Westbrook (who spent $166 purchasing nearly the entire lineup) described to her 3.4 million subscribers as smelling "like Satan," a.k.a. "straight-up chemical plastic." So... not ideal.
7-Eleven might not be ready to become the next best thing to Sephora in a pinch, but on a more positive note, perhaps they'll heed the negative reviews and try and make Simply Me Beauty a little better next time. If Kim Kardashian can do it, then 7-Eleven can, too.
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