What To Pack For A Warm Weather Getaway When You're Used To Wearing Sweaters

If you've booked a January getaway to Barbados, or you're spending New Year's Eve in Brazil, we applaud you for planning ahead to get some winter sun during the bleakest months of the year.
However, with your favorite brands focused on the boots, coats, and knitwear of the season, inspiration for beach-to-bar attire may be somewhat lacking this time of year. But if you're savvy enough, you can still find some summer-y gems from November through to March. And since pickings are a bit slimmer than say, the middle of May, it's strategic to stick to the essentials (and stock up on those more trend-driven pieces later on).
Ahead, we've broken down the five categories (and pieces you can buy for each) you'll need for a vitamin D-packed winter break. Just don't boast about your beach days on Instagram while we're here battling the cold, okay?

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