There's A Secret $1 Section On Lip Smacker's Website — & It's SO Good

We've come to accept that getting any beauty product for free is nearly impossible. While all our favorite shops offer up annual sales and weekly deals, there almost never comes a time when our go-to products are so cheap, we might as well be looting the shelves. At least, that's what we thought before we fell upon one of the greatest sales ever to hide on the internet. Enter: Lip Smacker's Dollah Dollah Balms.
The 40-year-old balm brand sells thousands and thousands of different balms a year, and with all its new launches, we can barely keep up with old — and new — collections. Thankfully, the brand appears to be looking out, making sure no flavor is left behind. Case in point: Lip Smacker's online sale tab, where some of the most unique flavors are sold for just $1.
And since we're both hoarders and novelty collectors, we decided to browse our way through the options this week. Get ready to stock up on all your favorite sodas and some of the best Disney princesses. Click ahead to check out every single one.

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