North West Has The Most Kanye Answer About Her Favorite Rapper

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North West is known for being a mini version of her mom, Kim Kardashian West. She is already one of the most fashionable tots around thanks to her mom’s indulgence in what she and her brother, Saint West, wear. North is a connoisseur of the luxe life — she uses time outs as spa days and has a better time with her friends than any of us adults could ever aspire to. And she already understands the importance of not ruining a good face beat. Little Nori is definitely a Kardashian. But on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a perfect scene proved that she is very much like her father, Kanye West, too.
With her mom away in Mexico with her Aunt Kourtney (you might remember their big girls trip photo on Instagram that upped the ante on #Squadgoals everywhere), North was enjoying some time with her kind of Uncle Scott, her grandmother a.k.a. “Lovie” Kris Jenner, and her cousins Mason and Penelope. The group was making plans to go camping in Kris’ backyard, and she agreed to let them have music if Mason DJ’d. “What’s your favorite kind of music?” she asked her oldest grandchild to gauge his taste for the evening. Without hesitation, Mason said “rap.” Then, Kris wanted North’s input. ”Who’s your favorite rapper, Nori?” And Yeezy’s oldest child proudly declared, “Kanye West is my dad!”
It’s not at all surprising to me that the youngest members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are hip-hop heads. Kim is married to one of the most influential musicians in the genre, after all. Kylie Jenner has reportedly dated several rappers including Jaden Smith and Tyga, and she is reportedly pregnant by rapper Travis $cott. Kendall Jenner is rumored to be dating A$AP Rocky. And then there’s the host of hip-hop friends and associates that the famous family has racked up over the years.
The truly amazing thing about North’s statement was how very Kanye-like it was. First of all, it was a statement about Kanye West, which we all know is one of Kanye West’s favorite subjects. Just speaking his name seemed to fill her with the same amount of joy that he likely gets from listening to his own music. The other notable detail in Nori’s statement is that it was a non-answer. She didn’t say, “Kanye West is my favorite rapper.” She said, “Kanye West is my dad.” I immediately got a flashback to the time paparazzi asked Kanye if he was venturing into fashion and he retorted, “Do you see this coat?!”. Kanye is the king of offering riddles and mysteries when asked direct questions. North has clearly caught on, and this was an example. It was almost as if she was mocking her grandmother for even asking such a ridiculous question.
We may have been giving Kim too much credit in shaping North’s adorable personality. Clearly Kanye has been rubbing off on her, too. I am not mad about it at all.

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