This Is What Contestants Eat In The Bachelor Mansion

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
If you pay even slight attention to any Bachelor episode, it's impossible to miss the copious amounts of booze the contestants consume. But with the exception of candlelit dinners huddled over during dates, we rarely see the women eating.
Rest assured, though; several former Bachelor contestants told Elle that the mansion's fridge is stocked with plenty of food to soak up all that alcohol.
According to Ben Higgins' fiancée Lauren Bushnell, the refrigerator was so full it was hard to find what you were looking for. And in case there wasn't something for everyone, the contestants can put in grocery list requests, which include not just food, but other items like cosmetics.
"There [were] like 60 fresh avocados in the kitchen at all times," said Ashley Iaconetti, who competed on The Bachelor's 20th season and Bachelor in Paradise. Olivia Caridi, another contestant from Ben's season, echoed this observation: "There was spinach everywhere."
The vegetables would lose popularity, though, as the stakes got higher and the contestants began stress-eating Oreos. In fact, many turned to the Parent Trap-inspired combination of Oreos with peanut butter.
Another source of comfort for the cast was the producers' cooking. "There were a couple days where the producers would cook a huge meal, like you'd come down to the kitchen, and there'd be a gazillion eggs Benedict," said Iaconetti.
It's a good thing the contestants have a generous supply of food back at the mansion, because they must come back starving from their dates. The producers suggest they don't eat during their dinners with the Bachelor because it's "unflattering" (ugh), and Bushnell said she didn't really want to, anyway.
"You're nervous, you're talking — it's like a first date, and you have all these cameras around you, so the last thing you want to do is be stuffing your face with food," she said. No wonder everyone ends up convening in the kitchen for late-night snacks.

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