Ben Higgins’ Family “Knew” About Lauren Bushnell Wedding Delay

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have undergone a scrutiny-heavy relationship, even for a couple that met on a Bachelor franchise show. Higgins feet were getting cold right from the start. Even though he seemed in love with Lauren, it didn't seem like he was entirely sure about that next step. That makes sense; most humans don't fall in love on television. So it definitely wasn't shocking when their wedding planning went off like a stink bomb in homeroom. Still, we couldn't help but be a bit shocked that they decided to scrap their initial wedding plan entirely. One group that wasn't shocked was Higgins' family. "I think most of them knew, or at least they were hopefully in the know enough to not be surprised by that episode," Higgins tells E! News. "My family loves Lauren, I think her family likes me [laughs]. We just spent a week with them, so it would be awkward for us if they didn't. They want us to be happy though. They want our relationship to go well and they want us to have a good foundation." Lauren, for her part, tells E! that she was surprised. "I didn't know that was weighing so heavily on him. That truly was a surprise to me. I obviously know there's a lot of pressure on him and our relationship, but I didn't know it was weighing so heavily on his heart. Obviously, it wasn't necessarily watching it back, but in that moment, what you saw really was news to me in a way." But the pair insist that they're still in love, still engaged, and still going to be really good looking in that sort of TV way where it doesn't quite seem real, but it obviously is, but maybe they're, like, holograms? Will they? Won't they? Hell, the only thing we're sure about is that this is great television. Anything but the news!

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