Lauren Bushnell & Ben Higgins’ Wedding Planning Makes For Trainwreck TV

You know that feeling when you see a couple arguing and you're like, Ugh, just break up already. But then you consider how boring it would be if they actually split, because your life is such that other people's squabbling counts as a form of entertainment? Welcome to Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? Last night's episode saw Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell get their wedding planning underway. It did not go well. The Bachelor alums couldn't even agree on their wedding registry. We can't imagine spending all eternity with a man who doesn't value the importance of a waffle iron, but Lauren managed to shrug off her fiancé's negative comments. Cake-tasting also took a potentially lethal turn. Ben was distressed to learn that his wife-to-be didn't know he was allergic to coconut. “I’m very disconnected from wedding planning.” he later admitted. The entire episode was basically a trainwreck, from the couple looking at future homes suggested by realtor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Lace, to a lovey-dovey photo shoot that Ben deemed pointless, to an inane segment in which they tried out different careers. Guys, you're reality stars. You will sign up for every TV opportunity possible, host viewing parties and events, play golf with Chris Harrison, and, as Lauren correctly predicted, blog. If these two hadn't just signed a big contract to have their wedding televised, we'd be starting a breakup ETA office pool. The show will surely go on, for better or worse, waffle iron be damned. In the meantime, watch Ben freak out over coconut.

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