Ben Higgins Is Not Thrilled About The Prospect Of A TV Wedding

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock.
On the latest episode of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, Bachelor host Chris Harrison presents Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell with an offer: to have a televised wedding, Bachelor Nation-style, "on steroids." Lauren is thrilled about the opportunity. Ben, not so much. "My stomach’s dropped, I have butterflies, my head’s spinning. It’s a lot. Really soon," he says, according to Us Weekly. "It makes me nervous, I’ll be honest." Lauren then proceeds to freak out about the possibility that Ben doesn't really want to get married. "If he’s not ready, what does that mean?" she asks. Later in the episode, though, he explains that he definitely wants to marry her — he just wants to make sure the wedding is about them and their families. And that everyone leaves saying, "Golly darn, that was a great time." That part may be a bit too much to ask. After that conversation, they decide to go ahead with it. "I want the world to see that we will be spending together forever," he says. Is Ben's hesitance a foreboding sign for the couple? Maybe. Or maybe this is just what Bachelor couples typically go through — we just don't usually get to see it on TV. Ben and Lauren have also been open about seeing a counselor to get past the fact that he was dating 25 women when they met, which if it's any consolation, is true of every winning couple spawned from the franchise. At least now we won't have to wonder whether our wedding invite got lost in the mail.

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