These Cersei Lannister Costumes Are Almost TOO Good

Cersei Lannister has a bad reputation. She walks around the halls of the Red Keep with a straight spine and an arched eyebrow, giving orders to the Mountain using only glances. She’s clawed her way to the throne, and now, she’ll use her almost magical power of manipulation to stay there. She unapologetically flaunts her lifelong romance with her brother.
But who’s to say that her “bad reputation” isn’t the best part of her? Like the other women leaders on Game of Thrones looking at you, Sansa and Daenerys — Cersei is operating within a primogeniture system designed for men to rule, and for women to have sons that one day will go onto rule. Yet through her understanding of human psychology and war strategy, Cersei’s managed to play the game of thrones better than the individuals who invented it. Sure, Cersei’s ruthless. Sure, she’s morally ambiguous. But she makes for a great Halloween costume.
These cosplayers have embodied Cersei Lannister in admirably intricate ways. Each detail on their costumes is on-point. More importantly, they’ve captured the essence of her spirit in every raised chin, arched eyebrow, and subtle sneer of condescension. And, if you really procrastinate on your costume this year, you can just be Cersei’s General Expression for Halloween.
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