This Is Proof That The Hairstyles On Game Of Thrones Have Serious Meaning

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Each episode of Game of Thrones sets HBO back approximately $10 million, so you better believe that the hit show’s visuals are everything. The costumes spare no detail, the scenery is breathtaking, hell, even the dragons look real — there’s not a single shot that isn’t presented in meticulous detail. And if there was something strangely amiss? Well, we probably wouldn’t even notice anyway. We’re too busy zeroing in on Daenerys’s braids and Cersei's surprisingly masterful ability to style her new pixie.
With a series as convoluted and rich with plot as Game of Thrones, it might seem trivial to say that you can match the major points of each character’s storyline to what’s going on with their hair. But given the major transformations that have taken place for the main players over the past seven seasons so far, you’d be surprised by how much of those twists and turns are reflected in their appearances alone.
Ahead, see how your favorite (and least favorite) characters have changed their hairstyles — and how, exactly, Sansa’s braids tell you everything you could ever need to know about her alliances... for better or for worse.

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