Socks Are So Underrated — Here's 10 Pairs Worth Paying Attention To

Bag. Sunglasses. Wallet. Check.
But, what about your socks? They're probably not something you think about before heading out the door in the morning. Despite the efforts of the sparkly and fishnet designs that have tried to make socks a true fashion accessory, your sock drawer probably still looks like a sad medley of printed tube styles you got for Christmas, single workout peds that have lost their true match, and some thick, cozy ones your mom sent for the winter months. You might be surprised, though, by how next-level your everyday looks become when you actually give them some thought. And, a new line, launching Friday, wants to help you do just that.
Hysteria is the new brand by fashion favorite Happy Socks, and it's boasting to be the world’s first lifestyle sock brand for modern, fashion-conscious women. "Hysteria believes that socks have so much more potential, as a fashion accessory and a means of self-expression. For too long contemporary womenswear has overlooked the fashion sock category, offering women limited options and inspiration," Happy Socks Concept Designer Paula Maso tells Refinery29. "Hysteria seeks to change that, providing women with a powerful accessory that augments and elevates their personal style."
As for the name, it's got a meaning we can get behind. "It wasn’t too long ago that women were called hysterical if they acted out of the ordinary. We see women embracing self-expression as a mark of strength, and we believe in their right to express themselves however they want. Hysteria is a powerful word that represents this freedom," Maso continues.
The collection of socks certainly speaks volumes, and is available in a wide variety of qualities, fits, lengths, and patterns, including lustrous mercerized cotton, slinky viscose, and 360 degree seamlessly printed nylon. We have to admit, we're a little overwhelmed (in a good way) — we've never had this many options before. And, inspired by mid-century architecture and optical art, these eye-catching outfit-toppers are priced from about $14 to $21, which isn't bad considering the line's been given the same attention as a high-fashion label.
All we can say is, where have these guys been all our lives? Click on to see our favorites for yourself, and be sure to check this space when they're available to shop on September 1.

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