Forever 21's Best-Selling Collaboration With Sami Miro Is Back

Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21/Sami Miro.
If it's starting to feel like you need a Google calendar reserved strictly for upcoming fashion collaborations, you're not alone. But, there's one dropping Wednesday you definitely don't want to sleep on. Why? Because, it already happened once, and most of the pieces sold out before we could even get our hands on them.
Forever 21 just launched its second collection with stylist and designer Sami Miro, but this time, things are a little bit different. For the first offering, Miro brought a vintage eye to the fast-fashion powerhouse, meaning most of the pieces were one-of-a-kind and therefore stock was limited. But for the latest launch, the two decided to release a capsule of items that (hopefully) won't sell out as fast.
"My first collaboration with F21 was a curated collection of one-of-one vintage pieces. It literally sold out within a few hours so we realized we had something here between the two of us," Miro tells Refinery29. "That lead to my second collection with them: For The Lost. This capsule is not vintage and more accessible so everyone can enjoy their favorite pieces instead of just one person. I’m actually obsessed with it and have been wearing it every day."
Made up of five pieces that each come in two colors, the collection follows a very '90s red, black, and white scheme and features a barbed wire detail that'll remind you of something you probably owned from Hot Topic back in high school. "I wanted the vibe to be simple and clean yet edgy and cool," she adds. "The [barbed wire] logo came about from one of my vintage pieces I bought about a year ago with barbed wire all over it. I thought it would be the perfect blend of hardness and cuteness for the more fashion-forward Forever 21 customer." And, you have full permission to stock up, because everything is under-$50.
As for how to wear it? Ahead, we'll let the designer herself show you how it's done (or, you can look to some of her equally-as-stylish friends, like Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland) for inspiration.