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Sami Miro Just Collaborated With Forever 21 — & It’s Selling Out Quick

Usually, there are two types of shoppers: There's the fast-fashion regulars who aren't above a good steal, and there's the vintage experts who skip out on mass produced pieces in exchange for one-of-a-kind finds (even if it does take a little more work — and, oftentimes, more money). But today, the two worlds are colliding: Forever 21 has tapped LA-based stylist, designer, and all-around It girl Sami Miro to curate a collection of repurposed vintage items available exclusively on the store's website.
"There are amazing vintage tees — your mind will be blown. Great denim, statement jackets, and fun accessories, too," Miro tells Refinery29 of the offering, which includes, but isn't limited to, a vintage Motley Crue tee (pictured here), Levi's with a flame graphic at the hem, and a vintage bootleg-Chanel scarf (because bootleg designer merch is all the rage). And while a good chunk of the items have already sold out, there's still plenty of gems to be discovered.
If you're new to the world of shopping vintage online, this collection, with its accessible price points and on-trend curation, is the perfect place to start: "Whenever I shop vintage online, 99% of the time I’m on the hunt for something specific, like Fendi pants or a black corset," Miro says. "I find it’s easiest to start with something you already want and then go down the rabbit hole from there." Who knows? This might just lead you to a whole new world of thrifting.
Click on to shop our favorite picks before they're gone for good, and watch this space for more to come between Miro and Forever 21. "When they decided to launch a repurposed collection, they wanted me to be the face of it as well as style it with my favorite pieces, and honestly there couldn’t have been a better fit between us. I think there’s a lot more to come from this budding relationship," she hints. Well, let's just say we'll be waiting — dressed in band tees and bomber jackets — for whatever comes next.