Update: Kim Kardashian Has Blocked The Snake Emoji After Being Trolled

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Update: Thanks to a helpful little Instagram filter, it seems like Kim Kardashian has blocked the snake emoji on her Instagram. The gadget was first tested on Taylor Swift back when snakes ran amok in her comments. Buzzfeed investigated the strange lack of serpents on the reality star's photographs and concluded that she must have the keyword filter on. All Instagram users can alter their comment settings to block words, phrases, or, in this case, emojis.
This post was originally published August 23rd at 5:10 pm.
It's the return of the snake emojis. Last year when Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift feuded over her husband Kanye West's song "Famous," Kardashian not-so-subtly threw shade at Swift on National Snake Day. Now, Swift's fans are getting the chance to hiss back.
After days of anticipation and speculation, Swift announced that her sixth album, Reputation, will come out on November 10. From what we've seen, Swift's album art is a total reference to Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband. The pose and makeup are so classic Kim K that Swift should consider modeling for KKW Beauty. Plus, the font and tattered sweater look an awful lot like those from Kanye West's Life of Pablo tour merch and Yeezy fashion line.
If that's not enough evidence, Taylor Swift wiped her Instagram clean on August 18th. Today, it features only three video that piece together to form a dangerous snake. Hiss hiss.
In their excitement, Swift's fans have decided to spam Kim Kardashian's Twitter mentions with snake emojis. Her most recent tweet is about Kimojis, but all the replies are snake emojis. Some are just lines of the reptiles.
Other Swifties got creative and spelled out "TS6," for Taylor Swift's sixth album.
Or, they spent a lot of time adding a lot of snakes.
Receiving thousands of snake emoji mentions doesn't sound pleasant, but at least the fans aren't being more vicious. We all know how quickly an internet joke can turn into a horrible case of cyberbullying. And since Kim Kardashian is probably unbothered by the digital serpents, we highly suggest all Swifties spend their time preparing for Taylor Swift's new single, set to drop tomorrow.
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