New Taylor Swift Music Is Coming TOMORROW & Fans Are Losing It

It's. Finally. Happening. After a three year wait, Taylor Swift is coming out with new music, and the first single drops tomorrow night. This news comes after a week of teasing all of us on social media. First, she totally wiped her Instagram and profile pictures, and then, one by one, released videos that eventually formed a snake — something people had taken to calling the singer after her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian — and now, her latest post confirms that it was all worth the wait.
It looks like she's turning the snake narrative on its head, making a whole album about the way she's been perceived these past few years. Per a follow-up Instagram post, the new album is called Reputation, and drops in full on November 10.
The imagery is a direct reference to the media, with fonts and prints resembling that of a newspaper, and fans cannot get enough of this new era of the pop star — even if they are having fun meme-ing the hell out of it.
"Hype 4 the new Taylor Swift album."
"an intellectual"
"I'm just gonna leave this here."
But mostly, fans are just excited that the fave they've waited so long for is finally coming through.
"Taylor Swift casually announcing her new single after making internet go insane for 5 days"
"Now taking applications for boys who will let me project Taylor Swift's song lyrics onto them, thanks."
"Taylor Swift is about to accept numerous awards revolving around a joke people thought was hurting her lmao"
TS6 is practically here.

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