The Meaning Behind Daenerys Targaryen’s White Coat on Game Of Thrones

Update: Last night's Game of Thrones premiere set us up for a finale season that'll go down in history. But if there's one thing from the episode that's stuck with us most, it's the Mother of Dragon's stark white fur coat. Other than allowing her to stand out amongst Winterfell's dark and broody locals, this particular sartorial choice has more than a few hidden meanings. Ahead, check out what we think it was all about.
This story was originally published on August 21, 2017.
There's so much to unpack from Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. We didn’t want to be the one to say it, but we knew Jon Snow’s plan to bring a White Walker back to Westeros was not going to work. (Who really expected those creatures to go quietly into the night?). Instead, Snow and his A-team found themselves in trouble and had to call on Daenerys and her dragons (via a Raven) to save them from the legion of White Walkers that surrounded them.
Not only does Targaryen swoop in to save the day, but she does it in a full-on look. As she prepares to take to the sky and says goodbye to Tyrion, we see her looking every part the queen that she really is in a white-ish gray armor-like fur coat with a high-neck, exaggerated shoulders, sleek bodice, and piping that somehow mimic a dragon’s skin. Climbing onto Drogon, we see the back of her coat, which features a tan cape-like piece of fur that extends to her feet. From a distance, its two-toned rippling gives the appearance of leopard print. It is so good. And no shade to Jon, but this isn't an Ikea rug.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Her outfit is significant for a few reasons: 1) She's wearing white to fight against the White Walkers — literally dark, dead, decaying bodies — an obvious representation of good fighting against evil. So, her outfit immediately gives the appearance of safety. 2) The color of the coat emits bridal vibes — perhaps because she's flying off to save her nephew-slash-almost-lover? But this being Game of Thrones, it wasn't just about her saving the day. As Snow continued to fight, the rest of the men joined Daenerys on Drogon — and if you were too busy cheering Dany on, you may have missed when things took a turn: The Night King launched a spear into the air, striking Viserion, one of her dragons. Viserion immediately falls out of the sky, and the camera zooms in on her face, mourning the death of one of her children. Cue wail face.
And just like that, her outfit went from powerful armor to a mourning dress. But even through the turn of events, the beauty in her strength was impossible to ignore. No wonder Jon Snow is ready to bend the knee.

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