Here’s How To Tell The Game Of Thrones Dragons Apart

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Listen up, Game of Thrones fans. We need to talk about those iconic dragons who just showed us that they mean biz-ness on Sunday night's mic drop of an episode. Since day one, we've known that dragons are amazing, magical, and deadly fire-breathing creatures that will be under the control of their mama, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), the Mother of Dragons. But only during the final scene of "Spoils of War" did we truly get to see just how incredible Rhaegal, Viserion, and Drogon have grown up to be. And now that we are full on obsessed with these hot dragons (they are objectively hot), we need to learn how to fully tell each of these special creatures apart. Using this trusted fan-run resource, A Wiki of Ice and Fire, along with my own imagination, I have created a brief but wondrous guide to Dany's dragons.
First up we have Drogon, who is named after Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa). (Miss you!) He is black with subtle red markings and as aggressive as his late father, and uses his aggression to lead his mother into battle and act as her #1 dragon mount. On his back, she roasted Jaime Lannister's army and is one step closer to getting everyone to bend their knees. Along with his two brothers, he was born in the Dothraki sea.
Next up is Rhaegal who is named after Dany's eldest brother, Rhaegar Targaryen — yes, the father of Jon Snow (Kit Harington). We never meet Rhaegar on the show, but we do hear his name in reference to Lyanna Stark and the supposed kidnapping that kicked off, essentially, the entire series of GoT. The dragon named in his honor is green with bronze markings. Rhaegar was killed on the green bank of a river, hence his name being given to a green dragon. To me, Rhaegal is nice and an intellect. The kind of dragon that knows history, but won't mansplain it to you. He enjoys long rides along the beach and would be extra satisfied if he would be the one to kill Jaime Lannister, since he killed his father.
Finally, there is Viserion, named the second in line to the Mad King Aery's throne, Viserys Targaryen. Viserion is creamy white with gold markings, matching the real-life appearance of the late Viserys (creep). Viserys looked like a true Targaryen, with silver hair and milky pale skin. He also had the incestual and misogynistic mind of one, too. Luckily Dany put a stop to his temporary reign, but still found it in her heart to name one of her prized dragons after him. The gold markings on the dragon are also a reference to the way that Viserys died — with his beloved gold melting into his head.
So, next time the dragons decide to light up the screen, you'll know which one is which and can impress all your friends/ Twitter.
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