So This Is Why Jon Snow Never Wears A Hat On Game Of Thrones

One of Game of Thrones' biggest mysteries isn't whether or not Bran will stop rolling his eyes long enough to tell anyone about the impeding White Walkers or whether Cersei Lannister is actually pregnant with her brother’s child — it's why Jon Snow never wears a hat.
Snow is regularly bundled in very luxe fur capes (which are actually just repurposed Ikea rugs) — so shouldn’t he have his head covered, too? Isn't that Winter Dressing 101? As it turns out, we aren’t the only ones wondering whether he's warm enough: The New York Times is asking the really important questions and got the answers straight from Kit Harington, who plays Snow on the show.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
When asked why no hats are involved in the making of his look, Harington told The Times he “was asking for one,” noting that he realizes how silly he looks fighting for the North — in the dead of winter — with his head uncovered. “We’ve had endless conversations about it. It’s been a big, big question in Thrones, about when they’re up North, whether they wear headgear or not. It seems ridiculous in cold climates not to have your head protected.”
Apparently, the choice is less about wardrobing and more about, well, being able to see who’s who. According to Harington: “It’s a decision they made a long time ago, the decision that we need to see faces more than heads being warm," he said. "It’s very difficult when you’re filming people in that environment, to differentiate between people’s faces. I think they decided that was the most important thing. But trust me, no one wants a hat more than me.”
Now that that’s settled, we can turn our attention to more pressing matters, like how to make our Jon Snow Halloween costume — sans hat, of course.

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