There's A New Becca Highlighter On The Horizon — & It's Green?!

Update: It's been three months since Becca Cosmetics put its upcoming highlighter shade in fans' hands. And while the cool-toned Golden Mint shade didn't win (that honor went to Smoky Quartz), the brand has decided to release it anyway — and it's easy to see why. Because even though the product looks lime green in the compact, when swept it on our skin, it transformed into a pretty (and totally wearable) gold.
If you want in on this green goodness, you can get the limited-edition Golden Mint highlighter on the brand's site for $38.
This post was originally published on August 15, 2017.
There's always some inherent risk when a brand gives fans full freedom to create anything they could possibly dream of — especially when it comes to food. Read: No, your wasabi-flavored Oreo probably won't be a total hit. And sorry to say, but macaroni and cheese-flavored chips are as appetizing to the rest of us as cardboard sprinkled in Cheeto dust. But giving customers the opportunity to create a beauty product? Well, that could heed some gorgeous results.
Following the launch of its Prismatic Amethyst powder, Becca Cosmetics is the latest company offering up an Instagram contest where fans can pick the newest shade to be created. Yes, the brand that is often credited for the highlighter category's glow up is letting its social media followers choose a legitimate shade that will be sold online and in-stores this year. And unlike the absurdity that comes out of most product competitions, this one will be a surefire win.
The two contestants? Smoky Quartz (a dusty, muted pink) and Golden Mint (a cool-toned, mint shimmer). True, both are unique — and let's be honest, the latter color is kind of bizarre — but that's the fun of it, because both are unlike anything in our makeup collections. And while the Smoky Quartz could fall in the lilac illuminator category, it's the Golden Mint that will certainly start a trend of its own — if it should win.
If you're looking to cast your own vote just head to the brand's Instagram story today or you'll mis your chance to say, "I helped make that!" As far as odd-flavored snack food goes, however, you're on your own.
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