This Weird Color Makes The BEST Highlighter

We live by a simple philosophy here at R29: You can never have too many highlighters. Like lipstick, glow-givers — no matter the shade, finish, or texture — always manage to wiggle their ways into our collections. Until recently, we thought we had pretty much every type of highlighter we could possibly need — but then, along came lilac highlighter and our minds were blown.
Sure, lilac may not seem like the most obvious highlight color, but the shade has been wedging it's way into the permanent lines of many major makeup brands lately — and we have to say, we dig its effect on the skin. "Like that of purple or lavender concealer to color correct, lilac helps brighten dull skin, says Achelle Dunway, E.L.F. Cosmetics Global Artistic Director. On paler skin tones, the effect of lilac shimmer is subtle, yet on warmer and deeper skin tones, the shade transforms into a edgy, otherworldly hue that looks insanely cool painted onto the cheekbones, eyelids, and even lips.
The shade is so hypnotic that the founders of Milk Makeup, who have just launched a lilac holographic highlighter of their own, are calling the shade "Champagne 2.0," because of the hue's versatility. "Lilac is a universal tone — white doesn't work on all skin tones, [nor] does pink." says Milk Makeup cofounder and COO, Dianna Ruth. "Everyone has natural purple in their veins, that's what makes it work on everybody."
That's why our highlighter stash just got an injection of pastel purple. Want to try your hand at the trend? We've listed our favorites, ahead.

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