The Tiny Detail You Didn't Notice About Betty On Riverdale

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW.
Bouncy blonde ponytail, fuzzy pink sweater, girl-next-door smile. Aside from the illustrator who drew her, no one has better filled the role of Archie Comics' Betty Cooper than Lili Reinhart on Riverdale. Offscreen, the actress might have the same sweet disposition — but she's definitely got a bit of a Veronica streak in her, too.
When we sat down with Reinhart she told us that she has four tattoos: an arrow, a rose, a cross, and an image of Earth for her Zodiac sign. They're all meticulously covered for the show, of course, save for one. And it's almost a little too perfect.
"We kind of gave up covering my [cross] finger tattoo," Reinhart says. "We literally don't cover it anymore. So if you look, you will see [it]. It's like an Easter egg." The 20-year-old also teases that Cooper will be fighting a lot of darkness this season — possibly more so than anyone else — so the sneaky tattoo could add a little edge to the timid character.
Speaking of tattoos, if you were hoping Reinhart and her Riverdale castmates are ready to get matching ink (like the 13 Reason Why squad), don't hold your breath, "I feel like that's what happens when a show wraps. We haven't talked about it as a cast. I don't think it's going to happen, to be honest," she explains. But that doesn't mean Reinhart is counting out a fifth tattoo with at least one crew member.
Sorry Bugheads, she's not talking about Cole Sprouse. Instead, it's her makeup artist that's in on the tat pact. "Me and my makeup artist have discussed getting a tattoo actually. We're both obsessed with Moulin Rouge! — and so is [Camila Mendes]. She only has one tattoo though, where as I have four... she's afraid to get another."
So besides getting a chance to meet Veronica's ex-boyfriend (wtf?!) and the new Reggie, it looks like we have something else to look out for when the new season premieres this October.
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