Now This Is The Kind Of "Adult" Jewelry We Would Wear

I don't really have any interest in expensive jewelry; to me, spending over $100 on a pair of earrings or a necklace feels like a splurge, and totally unnecessary. But while I may feel this way now, I also know that at some point down the line, I might want to stop buying trendy (read: cheap) pieces week-after-week, and find an investment I'll fall in love with. And I think I just found it.
Recently, I came across The Last Line, an LA-based brand that offers the kind of "adult" jewelry I want to save up for. Launched by industry veteran Shelley Gibbs Sanders, the company wants to offer women a solution to that never-ending hunt for the perfect, super-special ring, earring, and more. It's a lofty promise, for sure, but The Last Line is aiming to be the last jewelry line you'll ever need, from everyday necessities to vintage-inspired heirlooms; the collection is comprised of two areas, 'The Heart,' being the core jewelry box staples that you never want to take off, and 'The Soul,' meaning the jaw-dropping, expertly-crafted stunners that make people do a double-take. And, the brand will be adding pieces regularly, starting with earrings and gradually introducing necklaces, bracelets, and rings over the next few months, so this is definitely a brand to keep your eye on.
"The inspiration behind the name of The Last Line is it is the last place you’ll have need to look for your jewelry. And trust me, I plan to live up to the name," Sanders tells Refinery29. "In the first drop, we have everything from a perfect gold sphere stud (in seven sizes!) to our signature flower earring in a few variations of stones. If I wanted to be the last place you go for fine jewelry, I have to give options, so in each drop, you will have classics with a twist and then some really fun pieces."
As for the prices on these little treasures, the core items range anywhere from $60 to $1,500, while the more specialty pieces can cost up to $7,000. Yes, those prices sound scary, but when you're ready to treat yourself to a lifelong gem, you should be investing in quality. "Fine jewelry shopping can be intimidating, a lot of which can be the result of pricing," Sanders says. "Because we are direct-to-consumer, we can present amazing, quality pieces without a retail mark-up. Having a background in production (and as I jewelry shopper myself), it was important to use quality materials that look great and merit their cost."
Click on to scope out the first drop, and decide for yourself whether this will really be the jewelry line to end all jewelry lines. I, for one, will already be saving up for a a special piece of my own...

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