Mindy Kaling Is Not Here For "Effortless" Fashion

When it comes to personal style, no one ever wants to admit they’re actually trying to look good. Everything is “effortless.” Even the most popular trends speak volumes about our chill views on getting dressed, from the Kylie Jenner-approved athleisure to the Vanessa Hudgens brand of boho, everyone must appear effortless.
Actress Mindy Kaling, however, wants you to know that when she gets dressed, she puts in work. And she has her Mindy Project character Mindy Lahiri to thank. In an interview with Nylon magazine, the 38-year-old actress said it plainly:
“I don’t understand what’s so great about effortlessness. I think showing up means you care. So, for me, I’m very effortful, and my character is very effortful. She projects a confidence. If you come in with jeans and a T-shirt, great, that looks great and is a very L.A. way of dressing. [But] I happen to disagree,” she said, before giving a nod to another effortful dresser, Reese Witherspoon. “I never see Reese without perfect hair, perfect makeup.”
The Wrinkle In Time actress also noted to Nylon how much her own style has evolved thanks to Salvador Pérez, the show’s costume designer. “Since doing the show, Sal has really influenced me to break out more colors, more daring cuts I wouldn’t necessarily do, materials I don’t necessarily gravitate towards — so that has been a big influence.”
The result is Kaling opting for more prints, more color, and well, a signature style that requires a healthy dose of effort. As noted by Nylon, both Kaling and Pérez coined the phrase “woke style” to describe Kaling’s look. And if there’s anything we know about being woke, you’ve got to put in work.

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