This Spider-Man Beauty Collection Is Almost As Good As The Movie

There is no shortage of movie franchises — or beauty collections inspired by them. While Harry Potter wins out for most launches of all time, the runner-up has to be the comic kingdom of Marvel. And, after racing to the theater to catch Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend, it was only a matter of time before a cosmetics line followed suit. Luckily for us, this one doesn't disappoint.
Unlike most film-inspired beauty lines, there is more to this collection than a single product. Instead, The Face Shop — the brand behind the Disney-inspired sheet masks and The Simpsons products that launched last year — is at it again. This time, it created glitter eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadows, matte lipsticks, and long-wear eyeliners.
So how big is the collection, exactly? From the looks of the brand's Instagram account, the entire Marvel range is pretty expansive: There are Spider-Man-inspired lipsticks, a Captain America-inspired cushion foundation compact, and an Iron Man-inspired eyeshadow palette (which happens to be a dead ringer for some of the trendiest options we're loving right now).
Like all good things, there's a downside: These superhero products are not yet available in the U.S. If you're a true-blue fan, you can find some options in the darkest corners of Amazon, eBay, or K-beauty sites, but for now, we'd like to propose a petition to sell these stateside ASAP.
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