Fans Of The Simpsons Will Love This New Beauty Collection

1989 may be the birth year (and album title) of one Taylor Swift, but there was another cultural icon born then: The Simpsons. The long-running animated TV series has dominated cable networks for decades, pumping out more than a whopping 600 (!) episodes. But the only thing longer than the show's IMBD page is the list of hardcore fans clamoring to get their hands on any item with a picture of Marge slapped on the front — beauty products included.
Surprisingly, though, there haven't been many on the market since MAC dropped a Simpsons-inspired collection in 2014. Until now: The Face Shop, that Korean beauty brand behind all those Disney sheet masks, is introducing yet another novelty line. Only this time, its skin-care goodies pay homage (Homer-age?) to the whole gang of main characters — Bart, Marge, Lisa, Homer, and Maggie — with a slew of products that range from sunscreen sticks and creams to face masks and oils. It's basically every summer essential you could ever need, all wrapped up in one yellow tiny package.

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Unfortunately, unlike the TV show that's syndicated pretty much everywhere, you can't expect to find these products as easily. In fact, they are only being sold officially in Korea (d'oh!), although you can scoop 'em up on select eBay and Amazon shops, at your own risk. Given the fact that the going rate for each item is less than 20 bucks, the risk might save you a hell of a lot of dough on a plane ticket. Then again, if The Simpsons taught us anything, it's that good things happen when you follow your gut.

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