Watch Spider-Man Visit His Friendly Neighborhood Starbucks

Photo: Columbia Pictures.
In what may be the most delightful way to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony and Marvel teamed with Starbucks to offer fans a peek into what Spidey might order when he stops in at the coffee chain between busting up bad guys and studying for his SATs.
Eater reports that a new viral video has been released showing unsuspecting customers caught off-guard when Spider-Man himself (a stunt double, of course, not the actual Tom Holland) drops in for his morning jolt.
Filmed at a Williamsburg Starbucks location, the clip shows Spidey descending from the ceiling in full costume to retrieve his coffee — a grande cold brew, black, for those wondering. But since most people are glued to their phone screens and generally just not looking up at the ceiling to make sure no web slingers are around, caffeine-deprived customers get quite the shock when the red-and-blue-suited Spider-Man appears out of nowhere.
The video also gives fans a sneak peek into what went into the prank. While it may look pretty easy, a crew had to assemble an elaborate pulley system to hoist Spider-Man into the ceiling and a crew of four guys monitoring it all for the elaborate setup to run smoothly. When the barista calls out Spider-Man, some of the customers look perturbed, but when he comes down, they're either completely delighted or totally shocked. Some are even brought to (bleeped) profanity, because that's a natural reaction to seeing a comic-book character in real life.
In true Spidey fashion, the stunt double manages some acrobatic flips and jumps on the coffee bar. But he manages a few selfies with fans, too, so even the most startling jump scares seemed to be forgiven. And because it wouldn't be a Marvel production without one, there's even a Stan Lee cameo for die-hard fans.
Check it all out in the video, below.
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