Kristin Cavallari Has Some Parenting Advice For All Those Hills Pregnancies

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It's not everyday that you can give one, sweeping piece of parenting advice to all your former colleagues, but Kristin Cavallari is in a unique position: Almost all of the original cast members of Laguna Beach are currently expecting children.
"Be open to advice, but at the end of the day, only the mom knows what’s best for her children," she told People. She added that she would "listen" but "really just go off her gut."
So, Cavallari really has no advice at all. Her guidance is anti-advice — just do what you feel, and disregard the mommy-shamers. "Every baby and situation is different," she added.
Cavallari's reality television family — everyday, I wish for a blanket term a la "Bachelor Nation" for those involved with Laguna Beach or The Hills — has more than a few babies on the horizon. Talan Torriero of Laguna Beach is expecting a baby boy, Jason Wahler has a forthcoming kid of his own, The Hills' Whitney Port is pregnant, Spencer and Heidi Pratt have announced their impending bebe, and — most importantly — Lauren "LC" Conrad is pregnant and living out a very glamorous maternity lifestyle.
All this makes us yearn for the days when they were all buds. These days, not all of the folks from the Laguna Beach/The Hills 'verse are still in contact. In fact, as of May 31, Whitney Port had yet to consult Lauren Conrad on their parallel pregnancies.
"I'm so excited for everyone,” she told Us. “It's really awesome and I'm really [excited] that we're all pregnant, but I have not had the chance to chat with anybody yet."
Who is Port talking to, then? "I love Audrina [Patridge]. Audrina is such a great girl. I will reach out to her if I feel like I need anything." (Partridge has daughter, Kirra Max, who was born in June of 2016.)
As for the biggest rift — LC vs. Speidi — there's no baby advice or congratulations going on between them. "Obviously, I didn't hear from Lauren, but I wasn't expecting to," Heidi Pratt told E! in May.
Kristin Cavallari, she of the no-advice-parenting-advice, did reach out with congratulations after Pratt announced her pregnancy, as did Audrina Partridge. "[Kristin and Audrina] are really excited for me," Pratt said.
Question: What's harder, being a parent or being involved in a highly-public gal group with more than a few infamous spats?
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