Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Are Having Way Too Much Fun To Care What You Think

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Perfect celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took a break from their ridiculously busy schedules to spend a few days vacationing together. The two jetted off to Paris, France for the weekend, despite J.Lo's new show World of Dance having just premiered, and it being the middle of baseball season while A-Rod works as a Major League Baseball analyst for FOX Sports.
The fact that the power couple can find time to spend just the two of them is really great, and shows how much their prioritize their relationship and getting to see each other. J-Rod has also never shied away from giving the world glimpses into their relationship, and this trip is no different.
The pair each posted Instagram snaps where they look so totally in love. Rodriguez captioned his photo with the hashtag #thankfulandgrateful. But it's Lopez's version of the photo that tells us an awful lot about how much these two adore each other. It's very much an "eff the haters" kind of message, letting the world know that J-Rod is too happy to give a crap what anyone else thinks about their relationship.
"When you're having so much fun you just don't give a..." reads the caption under a photo where Rodriguez is seen laughingly flipping the camera a double-barreled bird.
What's perhaps most refreshing about the snapshots of J-Rod's relationship that they choose to share with us is just how happy and at ease Rodriguez looks. He's a guy who battled image problems for most of his baseball career, who, no matter what he did, seemed unable to shake the fact most people found him to be an unlikeable guy. The Alex we get to see as partner to Jennifer is fun, happy, confident, and, perhaps best of all, content.
I believe this is the person Rodriguez has always wanted the world to see and it took reinventing himself as a TV personality and partner to Lopez for it to finally come to light. This is a couple who has only been together a few months, but who seems like such a natural fit that you wonder why it didn't happen years ago.
While I don't think Lopez was in need of the kind of image rehabilitation that Rodriguez was, for someone whose failed relationships have been so publicly documented, seeing her look so completely in love is really wonderful.
As a former A-Rod hater myself, I'm totally here for this new version of Alex. I'll take as many photos of J-Rod being cute as they're willing to share with us. I'm also here for vacation photos of Rodriguez looking dapper AF and rocking pocket squares.


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